700ml Vakuumo Izoliuoti Išlaikyti Maistą Šiltą Sandarus Priešpiečių dėžutė Konteineriai 304 Nerūdijančio Plieno Terminio Maisto jar Troškinta puodą Su Šaukštu

€15.37 €27.94

Produkto informacija:

Medžiaga:304 Nerūdijantis plienas+maisto klasės, pp+silicagel Bendroji Masė(apie) : 510g/450g Talpa: 700ml/500ml Dydžio(apie): 11.1*15.4 cm/11*12.9 cm Pakuotė: 1 x Termosas troškinta puodą

  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Talpa: 500ml/700ml
  • Formos: ROUND
  • Funkcija: Šilumos Izoliacija
  • Medžiaga: Nerūdijančio Plieno
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: LPPUNK

Žymos: kolba maisto, lauke pietūs šilumos, jar virtuvė, lunchbox sriuba, platus termo dėžutė, vaikas lunchbox, nerūdijančio plieno izoliuotas sandarus lunchbox, miltus preps konteineriai, bento dėžutės pietūs, lauke storag.

Dima Komlev
I really like it! Steel body. The lids are plastic. I have 500 ml.
Fast delivery-18 days to Siberia. No leaking. Heat holds (checked 4 hours, in-20: Boiling water-burning hand water). Beautiful and comfortable.
Lampard Lele
Очень хороший термос. Ребенок берет с собой в школу обеды. Сохраняет тепло на отлично. Пришло без повреждений, благодаря отличной упаковке
I have had it for a few weeks and I am very satisfied. It holds a lot of food (if I fill it all up, I have enough food to last me both lunch and dinner). It is leakproof, easy to clean and eat from, the lid makes it comfortable to carry it around and can be pushed down to save space, and the lid then can be used as a small bowl. It also keeps the food hot for a long time. If I keep hot water in it for a few mins before filling it up with hot food, the food is still hot after four hours and pleasantly warm after eight hours. Speaking of the downsides - the colour scratches off easily (I advise to carry it in a bag). Also, the spoon is quite flat so it might not work as well with soups. Also, if you dislike the sound of metal scraping metal, you should eat from it with utensils made of a softer material, e.g. wood or silicone. All in all, it is great value for money.

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