Li-Ning Vyrai BLOGI PENKIOS Krepšinio Track Kelnės Nailono Palaidi Tinka Kišenės Pamušalas Fitneso li ning Sportinės Kelnės AYKQ229

€23.43 €46.86

  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Lytis: VYRAI
  • Funkcija: Lankstus
  • Pritaikymas: Tinka tikrosios dydžio, imtis savo įprastinį dydį
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: Pamušalas

Žymos: li ning, li ning vyrai, jogger vyrai, krepšinio kamuolys, blavk krepšinio bateliai vyrai, kaixuan aitvaras, pamušalas run bėgimo bateliai, tualetą moteris, li ning komanda, jogger pantes moterims.

Zajcev 1955
My first lining! Pants for the summer, the quality of the material and sewing are excellent, originality is confirmed through the QR code on the site (see. Photo). On the height of 179 cm, weight 85 kg, took the size L, because. I did not want to wear trousers). The belt is perfect, a little short (see. Photo), but it's such a style, chinoses-youth probably know. I will wear it in the summer, with sneakers. In general, I recommend to buy, reviews are not enough so I wrote in detail, thanks for the evaluation)
183/78. In all respects, Hood. It's great. Took for 1450r.
Bulatova 77
Dear Seller! I am very upset that the constant buyer, as I am, was treated in lead!!! Asked the seller for a discount, what he replied to me-there are no discounts on this product. And somehow in a sudden way in 2 days a 50% discount. Are you serious! ???? For being deceived and irresponsible to my person I put you a stake!!! "This is normal practice",-as you said! dear lining!!!
The goods is excellent
Lucio Laranjeira
Very good quality! Thank you!

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